Questions Frequently Asked About Survey Confidentiality

This survey is being run by Energage, LLC, an independent human resources metrics company that specializes in employee surveys.

At Energage, we are committed to maintaining your confidentiality.  Without confidentiality, this sort of survey will not provide the candid responses that make it valuable.  Protecting the confidentiality of responders is one of the reasons companies hire outside organizations, such as Energage, to conduct surveys for them.

If the survey is confidential, then what is the survey code used for?

The survey code is only used for two purposes.  First, it is used to prevent survey takers from filling out the survey more than once.  Second, it is used to allow us to send reminder emails to people who have not taken the survey.

Energage will never release results that include the survey code or your email address.

How are the results presented?

The survey is made up of three types of questions:

  • Demographic questions (department, years of service, etc.)
  • Multiple choice agree/disagree questions scored from zero to six
  • Open-ended comment questions

The answers to the multiple-choice agree/disagree questions are presented in an averaged aggregate format by demographic.  We never release results for demographics that have fewer than 6 people who completed the survey.  So for example, if 9 people in the Sales department are sent emails, and 6 fill out the survey, then we would present a result like 'The Sales department's average score for question #3 was 4.5'.  If 5 people or fewer in the Sales department respond, then we would present the result 'Insufficient responses for Sales department'.

Comments are presented as is.  If you provide information that can be used to identify you in a comment, then managers at your employer may find out that you made that comment.  For example, providing the comment 'My name is Joe and I really hate my boss' is a bad idea.   Note that a negative comment without the identifying information, such as 'I hate my boss', will remain confidential.

As a final note on comments, be aware that even if you do type identifying information in a comment, no one outside of Energage will be able to track that text back to your answers to any of the other questions.

What if I'm still uncomfortable with the questions in the survey?

All of the questions are optional, so if there is any question that you are uncomfortable responding to, then you can always leave it blank.   We hope you choose to complete the survey.  We will not report to your employer the email addresses of people who did or did not respond.